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Enterprise Storage

Enterprise storage is a broad term which is taken to mean a range of storage systems which can range up to petabytes of data storage space.

It is designed to store vast amounts os data, way outside the range of what would ordinarily be needed by home users or even small businesses.

Users will be organisations whichi deal in high volume data storage, some offering data storage space to other organisations. These might include hosting companies, large national organisations, larger corporate entities, plus things like educational establishments needing to hold student data along with management systems data.

In short, anyone who has the need for large scale data storage will be looking for enterprise storage.

Brook Consulting Services works with providers such as Tintri (formerly Tegile) and Infinidat, both of which provide enterprise storage solutons which give a range of options which can be tailorde to meet the needs of most clients.

Take a look at our Tintri and Infinidat pages for more details on each of these solutions.

tintri providers

Concentrating on Data Storage

Tintri Systems offer a new and pioneering generation in storage systems which encompass capacity and features with performance being at the centre.

  • Increase your performance by up to ten times
  • Reduce data duplication by up to 90%
  • Reduce your costs by between 10% and 50%

This is  achieved  on a configuration of virtual desk tops, virtual servers or databases.

Tintri meets the needs of customer enterprise by:

  • responding to I/O quicker
  • scalability
  • resillience
  • ease of use
  • economy from an I/O and price per GB perspective

Tintri meets clietnt needs with the ability to dial up or down the amount of flash required storage capacity to accelerate an application in real time.   You can have flash with a portion of disc on the back end.  It’s a proactive rather than a  reactive approach with having both a hybrid and  flash solution.

Hybrid storage arrays from Tintri are optimised for virtualization, file storage and database dependent applications.  Tintri’s hybrid storage approach gives significantly faster performance than hard disk solutions and is significantly less expensive than alternative configurations based exclusively solid-state arrays.

Tintri storage solutions offer NAS and SAN configuration and are scalable to meet the needs of any company or organisation’s requirements and are quickly reconfigurable.

infinidat data storage

Petabyte Scale with Integrated Data Protection

Lower your data centre space requirements with the ultra dense InfiniBox array.

Petabytes of data capacity can be managed in one standard 42U rack.

Maximum effective capacity is achieved by in-line compression, resulting in up to fie times effective capacity utilization.

Data protection is easily achieved with the InfiniBox integrated synchronous and asynchronous replication systems, redefining the industry standard for latency, RPO, and ease-of-use.

Incredibly Simple to Manage and Integrate

The intuitive HTML5-based GUI makes typically complex operations, like volume provisioning or virtual machines or setting Quality of Service (QoS) policies for volumes, as easy as possible.

All of the necessary management interfaces for the InfiniBox, built on our elegant RESTful API, make the system simple to manage and easy to integrate.

High​ ​Availability​ ​and​ ​Reliability​ ​at​ ​Scale

Seven nines availability (99.99999% uptime) and exceptional reliability at petabyte scale is the result of an architecture employing N+2 redundancy for critical components, combined with an advanced dual-parity data layout, comprehensive data integrity verification, and fast self-healing capabilities. All this, along with operational telemetry for predictive and proactive support, delivers unmatched risk management.