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Self Managing Data Storage

VMstore Intelligent Infrastructure simplifies and automates storage management, delivers real-time analytics, and maximizes performance so you can refocus your efforts on high-impact projects and business innovation.

VMstore is a dynamic, flexible storage solution featuring real-time analytics and automation that dramatically reduces administrative overhead, all at the application level. Manage your entire footprint in minutes per day.

flexible data management
  • Cloud Connector – tie your on-premises footprint to either AWS or IBM Cloud Object Storage and leverage per-VM transfer, de-dupe, and compression.
  • Synchronous Replication – recover mission-critical virtual and cloud applications with zero RPO disaster recovery and single-click failover.
  • ReplicateVM – puts you three clicks away from replicating any VM. Save (1) time, (2) WAN usage (up to 95%) and (3) sanity.
  • SyncVM – makes storage time travel possible. Move backwards and forwards through snapshots of VMs, restore individual files, and update hundreds of child VMs from a single master VM in seconds.
  • SecureVM – encrypts all the data on your VMstore with zero impact on capacity or performance and rotates keys right from your VMstore dashboard.