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A Modern Approach to
Backup and Recovery

Rubrik simplifies backup and recovery across hybrid cloud environments.

Eliminate legacy complexity by consolidating disparate hardware and software components into a single software solution. Designed to be vendor-agnostic, Rubrik delivers broad support across traditional, modern, and next generation applications.

Intelligent Data Backup & Monitoring

Rubrik supplies backup and data recovery solutions for your storage.  They interface with most major brands including Nutanix, NetApp, VMWare and Amazon AWS.

The Rubrik system has an auto-discovery mechanism to identify specific types of data such as VM’s Oracle databases, SQL databases etc.  It creates a library of metadata and can search for a VM or down to file level if required.  Depending on the situation a full VM or database recovery time can be reduced by such a scale as 36 hours being cut to down to 1 hour.

The Rubrik “Sonar” tool can search out individual items of data to assist with data protection Data Subject Access requests and the right to data erasure.

Monitors for ransomeware activity

The Rubrik “Radar” data tracker can monitor the data and detect unusual levels of activity, for example if data is normally changing by a rate of 2% per hour and the rate of change suddenly goes up to, say, 90% per hour, this could be indicative of a ransomware attack and Rubrik can send in an alert to warn you of the problem.  In such a situation you may need to revert to another backup copy in the system.

Works with your existing Cloud

Rubrik does not replace your own cloud storage, it provides a secure backup in an alternative location.  You can continue to utilise your current cloud investment and augment it with the Rubrik backup solution.

Instant Application Availability for Nutanix

Rubrik delivers data protection, search, analytics, compliance, and copy data management for enterprises built on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.

Provide near-zero RTOs, achieve up to 50% in immediate hard savings, and accelerate application development. Easily expand your enterprise infrastructure to the cloud with an on-demand, scale-out software fabric on your hypervisor of choice.

Next-Generation Data Management for NetApp

Deliver autonomous, policy-driven data management to fast-track cloud mobility. Powered by deep integration with NetApp’s proprietary SnapDiff APIs.

Data Lifecycle Services for NetApp

Deliver data control and visibility for NetApp’s Data Fabric. Rubrik offers next-generation data management with first-to-market support for NetApp’s proprietary SnapDiff APIs across on-premises and clouds.

Instant Recovery & Automation at Scale for VMware

Rubrik simplifies data management for enterprises running on VMware solutions. Deliver near-zero RPO and RTO for your VMs with natively integrated continuous data protection. Self-service directly from your preferred service catalogs such as vRealize Automation and vCloud Director.

Data Management Built for Amazon Web Services

Rubrik delivers a modern software solution to simplify and automate data protection and enable cloud mobility across data centers and AWS, including support for AWS Outposts. Backup to the cloud for cost-effective, long-term archival. Easily on-ramp to public cloud with automated VM conversion and natively protect your cloud apps and workloads to recover with confidence.


Fast Track to AWS with Rubrik

Rubrik provides a single software solution to protect and manage your data across on-premises and AWS, including support for AWS Outposts.

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Management simplicity via policy-driven automation



Fast recovery for near-zero RTOs and RPOs

backup your own cloud

Application mobility for cost-effective long term retention, application recovery, or test and development

data protection

Native protection of your virtual workloads and SaaS applications running on AWS

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