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Privacy Policy

Brook Consulting Services (BCS) has always honoured our customers’ rights to protection of their data privacy, and have always endeavoured to adhere to current best practice including full regulatory compliance with UK Data Protection legislation, and all applicable industry requirements.

  • BCS are:
    Processors for any supplied client data.
  • Controllers of our client and supplier contact information, required for purposes including but not limited to, managing and delivering services under contract, and managing customer requests and their responses.
  • Controllers for personnel information in relation to BCS staff and contractors.

We can confirm that we have in place, and will maintain, all applicable policies and documentation required for GDPR compliance, and impose those requirements contractually upon external entities contracting with us. These include Staff Awareness and Training, Breach Notification, Data Scope, Retention and Protection policies, and further includes mechanisms and processes to ensure effective compliance with these policies on an ongoing basis.
We would be pleased to answer any enquiries relating to specifics of these policies upon request.