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Infinidat Enterprise Storage Solutions

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huge data stroageHigh​ ​Availability​ ​and​ ​Reliability​ ​at​ ​Scale
Seven nines availability.

(99.99999% uptime) and exceptional reliability at petabyte scale is the result of an architecture employing N+2 redundancy for critical components, combined with an advanced dual-parity data layout, comprehensive data integrity verification, and fast self-healing capabilities. All this, along with operational telemetry for predictive and proactive support, delivers unmatched risk management.

petabyte stroagePetabyte Scale with Integrated Data Protection

Resolve data center footprint constraints with the ultra-dense InfiniBox array. Manage multiple petabytes of usable capacity in one standard 42U rack. Achieve maximum effective capacity with in-line compression and thin provisioning, resulting in up to 5x effective capacity utilization. Comprehensive operational data protection is easily accomplished with the InfiniBox’s integrated synchronous and asynchronous replication, redefining the industry standard for latency, RPO, and ease-of-use.

integrated storageEcosystem Integration

InfiniBox is bundled with a rich integration portfolio for VMware, Microsoft, OpenStack, Oracle, Commvault, Veeam, and other applications/operating environments through native interfaces, taking advantage of key features like consistent snapshots and replication. Our software management solutions, Host PowerTools, make it simple to integrate InfiniBox within the existing IT environment, reducing the time required for storage management tasks and preventing mistakes that can lead to expensive downtime.

enterprise storageA “Green” System in a Small Footprint

The InfiniBox is designed to minimize power consumption and related cooling load, resulting in a “green” storage system with a smaller carbon footprint than most petabyte scale enterprise arrays. InfiniBox has an efficient energy rating even with up to 5.5PB of effective capacity, reducing system sprawl in the data centre.

data storage solutionsIncredibly Simple to Manage and Integrate

The intuitive HTML5-based GUI makes typically complex operations, like volume provision or virtual machines or setting Quality of Service (QoS) policies for volumes, as easy as possible. All of the necessary management interfaces for the InfiniBox, built on our elegant RESTful API, make the system simple to manage and easy to integrate.

enterprise storageTruly Unified Storage for Multi-Tenant Environments

InfiniBox is designed for modern workloads, supporting SAN and NAS storage protocols within a single platform. Centralize all your business-critical workloads on a single, scalable array. With flexible and pragmatic Quality of Service management capabilities and InfiniMetrics monitoring, defining and enforcing realistic SLOs for performance and throughput are easier than ever to implement and track.