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intelliflash data storage


IntelliFlash N-Series

The N Series combines the performance of NVMe, software-optimized flash management, with high-performance at low latency. It offers scalable capacity to accomodate your most demanding workloads.

Workload Flexibility

This scalability supports mixed media types, so you can tailor up to 10PB effective capacity to meet your specific needs.

It is easy to manage, Intelligent and simple, plus being application aware with a flexible management system.

N5800: Best in Class Performance

Turbocharge your business applications with up to 1.7M IOPS and latency as low as 200 µseconds.

N5100: Entry NVMe System

This entry level system offers a full featured enterprise class NVMe storage system for environments that can require the lowest latency with balanced economics.

SAS Flash Systems Workhorse

with over 5PB of effective capacity in a compact 10RU footprint,  Enterprise applications can be consolidated onto a scalable, high performance and easy to use intelligent infrastructure.

With data that drives your primary business applications residing on an IntelliFlash HD-Series or T-Series, storage system, your operations are dramatically simplified.

Go from pilot to production with a few clicks of a button. Administrationis simplified so you can focus on your business.

Easy to Manage

Application-aware, simple, and flexible storage management bolstered by analytics and environment-wide insight.

Ideal for Multiple Mixed Workloads

Delivers consistent high performance at low latency for any workload and I/O block size.